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September Williams, MD 

Cove International Publishers

Oakland, California, USA

530 518 1282

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Director Statement

This decade (the 2020s) already demands a rapid turnaround of creative information exchange. It is an era which out of necessity is dominated by screen narratives. From the analog world of motion picture film to the world of digital cinema, and journalism my multidisciplinary experience has given me insight into film, television, and live theatrical workflows that not only save money but can save a production.

Since the murder of Travon Martin in the United States, my work has been focused entirely on documenting the history and resurgence of fascism- and the subsequent anti-fascist movement. I have worked to developed as a quintessential filmmaker, with a bent for team building, and a focus on organization, journalistic reflection, and rapid project turnover. My goal is continual growth in the audiovisual arts and science—collaborating with others to do the same—at a time in history when this is not optional but essential.

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